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“Fairway arrived early on the arranged delivery day, removed 20 large curved desks for recycling and fitted 28 new rectangles to the same area, cleaned up and finished just after lunch. We got a Certificate of Responsible Disposal and minimal disruption to our business. A fantastic service and the most competitive quote!”
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and if you have used furniture for disposal – let us recycle it for you

What is the office furniture recycling project?

We clear out old and unused items of office furniture like desks, chairs and filing cabinets. Often when delivering new. A van can delivery your new office furniture and instead of returning empty – we take away the old. It helps you and the environment.

We refurbish and sell anything that can be used again – the purest form of recycling. Profit made here goes to our charities.

We separate and stream for recycling any items that are at the end of their useful life and try to keep this to a minimum and save land fill. This year we recycled over 88% of old furniture.

We have our own dedicated warehouse and workshop area to do this.

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Helping the Environment

In the early part of 2009 we realised that our success in supplying whole floors of new furniture to large organisations including local authorities left a growing problem of disposing of the old furniture. Much of it was being sent to landfill and we found this unacceptable. We saw it as part of the responsibility of supplying new furniture to make better provision for removing and recycling office furniture in a much more environmentally friendly way.

We set about expanding to a 7000 sq ft facility from which we can offer the service.

We have a Waste Carriers Licence

You get a Certificate of Responsible Disposal proving responsible disposal.

What does it cost?

When you are purchasing new office furniture, we will endeavour to offer this service at no charge but this will depend on a survey of your old furniture.

There may be a charge for recycling old items of office furniture depending on what it is and how much you have. Each job is assessed individually and you will need to contact us for a quote. Some items can be collected free of charge if they can be refurbished and re used.

What furniture can be recycled?

Items we may be able to recycle for no charge when delivering new.

  • Modern Desks and Storage Units in lighter wood finishes (oak, beech, maple)
  • Working Steel and Wooden Filing Cabinets and Cupboards
  • Modern Reception Units
  • Better quality working Office Chairs and Visitor Seating

Items for which there may be a small charge (£5 to £15 per item)

  • Older dark wood veneer desks (Mahogany, Grey or Black finish)
  • Older budget typist chairs (threadbare or damaged foam)
  • Old green painted filing cabinets
  • Damaged cupboards and fittings
  • Office machines and equipment